Which Sewing Machine?

Which Sewing Machine Do I Need?

In the market for a sewing machine? There are so many different brands and types available, that it's easy to get confused, especially if it's your first sewing machine. So, where should you start?

How will the sewing machine be used?

Before you start researching the different sewing machines available, think about how the machine is going to be used. Different types and even brands of sewing machine are best suited to different tasks, and so starting from the beginning is critical.

If you are only going to use the machine for light repairs or you're a novice user, a mechanical machine might be for you. If you're looking for a good machine with more features that offers the ultimate in precision, a computerised machine might be a better bet.

What is a mechanical sewing machine?

Mechanical sewing machines are a basic type of sewing machine with just core functions. These machines are great for beginners or individuals who will only use the machine for light garment repairs every now and again. 

Brother's L14S mechanical sewing machine is incredibly portable and easy to use, with 14 different built in utility and decorative stitches. The L14S is an affordable basic mechanical sewing machine that is ideal for beginner or casual crafters.

Mechanical machines like Brother's LX17 and LX25 are great lightweight sewing machines that are perfect for beginners. These machines offer a choice of 17 and 25 different stitches respectively, and have convenient extra features like bright lights, free arm conversion and plenty of storage space for all your accessories.

Janome's 2200XT mechanical sewing machine offers 22 built-in stitch choices with a variable width and length. Janome designed this machine to be super-easy to use with just two dials needed to operate the machine. 

Computerised Sewing Machines

Computerised sewing machines have all the features of mechanical machines and so much more besides. This type of sewing machine tends to be able to sew more stitches out-of-the-box and are ideal for more complex projects in the hands of beginners and experienced sewers alike.

Janome's 230DC computerised sewing machine is designed to make sewing a pleasure whilst growing the skills of beginners and experienced sewers. This popular machine is fully computerised and allows for the control of stitches and settings at the touch of a button. With the 230DC, you can even forget about all the fuss of manually threading needles thanks to its auto threader.

The Innov-is F420 takes all 100 years of Brother's experience and packs it into one exceptional, innovative computerised sewing machine. This machine features 140 built-in stitches including 10 buttonhole styles, 5 styles of lettering, an advanced needle threader and so much more.


Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

If you need a professional-grade machine that is designed to stand up to heavy usage, take a look at a heavy duty sewing machine. This type of machine is designed for larger projects with their high stitch speeds and ability to take heavier weights of thread and material.

Janome's HD2200 heavy duty machine offers 22 built-in stitch choices along with a handy jam-proof drop in bobbin system, automatic 1-step buttonhole, auto needle threader and so much more. The HD2200 even has plenty of space for all your accessories, and a hard protective cover.

Alternatively, there's Janome's 6700P. This fantastic machine combines 200 built-in stitch types with speeds of up to 1,200 stitches per minute in a modern machine that is packed full of professional grade features. All these extra features don't come at a compromise of usability - Janome pride themselves on their user-friendly features designed to impress even the most demanding sewers.

What is an overlocker sewing machine?

Overlockers are a specialised type of machine that is often used in conjunction with a regular machine. An overlocker, also known as a serger, is used to neaten and speed up the finishing of garment seams. This type of machine is most commonly used by professional users as it helps give a finished look to sewn garments.

Brother's 3034DWT overlocker machine combines all of the professional-grade precision you can expect of Brother with easy-to-use functions. This machine has a choice of 3 or 4 sew-and-cut overlock stitches, alongside a variety of decorative and utility stitches.

Brother's innovation carries on with their 2104D overlocker machine. This piece of equipment allows users to quickly and easily trim excess fabric and overlock raw edges in a professional manner. The 2104D has a differential feed - meaning that the machine can overlock perfect seams on just about any type of fabric.